Why We Matter

Matter is a leading branding agency in the Middle East, specialized in creating brands with a strong brand story and personality. Our view of branding is the cause behind our unique methodology, the one that we’ve worked on developing based on our belief that each brand consists of certain elements. Each element is developed enough to stand strong on its own, creating a comprehensively strong brand when fused together.

Our tried and tested methodology stems from our need to delve deeper into the heart of matters, thereby being founded on the basis of science, but executed through our passion for art. Our achievements are measured by our brands' well sustained success, and their ability to strive in the real world based on understanding business objectives, brand gap, target needs and competition analysis, which is why we’ve learned to always strike the right balance between art and science in a way that promotes the perks of being different.

Team & Culture

Our wide spectrum of individual experiences, one that ranges from art and advertising, all the way to cooking, architecture and pharmacy, has led to the perfect synergy of our differences, coming together to act upon our united passion for art & branding. This has lead to our edge of having various mindsets, each mindset standing different on its own, yet fitting perfectly within our collective puzzle.

Join The Team


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Junior Brand Executive

Brand executives are integral in the brand-building process by being responsible for seamless project execution from kick-off to completion. They are the doers who are in control of all the project details. They keep everyone up-to-date with project requirements and status, ensuring high quality and timely delivery. They work closely with the creative/client teams to ensure excellent service. They also liaise with our Finance team to manage financial health and timely payments.