Fly High, Aim Higher

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Sky High Aims

The African Business Aviation Association (AFBAA) is a non-profit corporation that aims to promote the understanding and benefits that Business Aviation provides for Africa’s economic development and prosperity. AFBAA wanted to create a strong identity, one that can be translated into a platform whereby their activities, events and news can be shared.

A Grounded Personality

With a main focus on Africa and aviation as the primary elements to be communicated,
the identity we worked on achieved the goal of conveying the African roots of the corporation, yet visually translated in a contemporary manner, allowing it to be engaging and dynamic. The identity was then complemented by a distinctive type font that has the strength to stand on its own, yet clearly conveying the brand attributes.

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Heinz Harissa & Hot Sauce

A Flaming Success


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Regaining its Territory

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Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

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