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For The Love of Music

Basement Records is a record label founded by Egyptian award-winning music producer and Arab Idol Judge, Hassan El Shaffei. Known for his passion for music, he started Basement Records as an underground company that creates music with its very own, unique, flavor, standing out with its new experimental projects that aim to introduce the new artists, and revamp the already established ones. His main aim is to dig out the real music from the basement, for the true music junkies.

A World Worth Exploring

Owing to the unique values of the brand, we were asked to develop a brand identity that is expressive of what the brand stands for, and still conveys creativity in every aspect. We worked on a logo that captures the essence of the brand’s spirit, one that is very subtle yet very informative of the brand’s main aim. The stairs in the logo represent the journey to an entire world underground where good music can be heard, and countless potential talents are waiting to be discovered.

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Heinz Mustard, BBQ & Hot Ketchup

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Westown Medical Centre


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