Foxes: Hazem Emam Football Academy

The Legacy Continues

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The Legacy Continues

Hazem Emam is one of Egypt’s most prominent football players of his generation, playing both nationally and internationally. Despite his early retirement, his name still lives on as one of the most looked-up to football players, with a name that is still remembered in the sports field. His aim was for his legacy to carry on for future generations to come, and hence wanted to create a football academy that engages young football players to pursue the sport, discovering the raw talents that could carry on to play in the national team.

1 Nickname, Countless Qualities

With football being the national sport in Egypt, football players are viewed as celebrities that youngsters aspire to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, we decided to capitalize on the popularity of Hazem Emam in creating the identity of this brand. In his prime time, he was nicknamed “the Fox”, so we chose this name as the brand name and built our brand idea around it, taking cues from his success as a player to support our brand story. The identity was complemented with bold and fiery colors to reflect the attitude of one of the country’s finest, most renowned players.

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We Rest Our Case

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The Meatery

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The Center of Attention

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