The Westown Hub

A Propelling Force of Entertainment

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Unprecedented Opportunity

SODIC is one of the country’s leading real-estate developers. With an established track record of award-winning residential developments, SODIC wanted to tap into unchartered territory by developing a multi-faceted entertainment center, leveraging on its long-standing equity in real estate. We were called on by SODIC in order to create a unique brand name, with an equally strong visual identity, that is fit for SODIC’s position in the market.

The Propeller

A bold and daring visual concept was fashioned for a such a project, one that aims to be the center of attraction, just like the place it represents. The colorful propeller logo, along with the slick typography, delivers on the young, dynamic and exciting attributes of the brand, especially when paired with a name like “The Hub”. Together, these elements constitute a brand that, since its creation, has become the go-to spot for dining, relaxing and shopping, in the suburbs of Cairo.

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Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

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Fly High, Aim Higher

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The Basement Records

A World for the True Music Junkies

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