Fitting into Position

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Fitting into position

Being the only retail service chain in the country specializing in tires and automotive services, Fit & Fix was offering a uniquely valuable service. However, because of the uniqueness of this service, Fit & Fix started seeing the importance of establishing a clear positioning that is relatable to its target audience, who had initially mistaken it for a tire shop, and not seeing the brand for what it really was.

The Matter Fix

We were approached to work on an identity revamp that can stay true to the nature of their service, and clearly communicate their positioning within the market. Therefore, we worked on an identity that visually communicates speed, skill, action as well as the edginess of automotive brands, focusing more on the attributes of the objects they provide their service to, rather than the service itself. By developing a strong identity that reflects that brand strategy, we were able to revamp the brand, ensuring proper perception of the brand, leading to an inevitable business growth.

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Birell Turbo

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Communicating Art, with Art

Identity - Brand Manual

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From Digital Language, To Visual Language

Identity - Brand Manual