De3bes & Sons

Learning to Trust the Mysterious

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Traditional, with a twist

We were called upon to work on the creation of a new up-and-coming fast food restaurant, serving traditional Egyptian and Lebanese food. The cuisine may be called traditional, but the way we decided to approach this brand was far from it.

Everybody is drawn to the unknown

The restaurant’s identity was based on an imaginary character that we called De3bes – a made-up folk hero, who also happens to be the restaurant’s virtual owner. The character is grounded in the Egyptian and Lebanese cultures of the early 1900s, yet behaves like a pop-art icon from later in the century. An intriguing brand story also accompanies our hero; through his random narratives about him, his quirky looks, and his air of mystery, he builds a rapport with the customers, communicating the homeyness and goodness of traditional food, without the classical and all-too-proper identity that normally goes with it. The collective effect of this character, along with the vibrant brand colors and general feel, result in a light-hearted atmosphere, one that is fit for this type of fast food restaurants, its location and the customers.

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