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Naming - Packaging

Our Little Secret,

Koki, an Americana product and a household name in its category, wanted to develop a new sub-brand, with the objective of introducing a new innovation in the ready-to-cook frozen chicken market. The product offers flavor variations cooked into your traditional fried chicken recipe. We were approached to work on this sub-brand, keeping in mind that its indirect role is to energize the mother brand, and enhance its brand image.


With Koki already being a local favorite, and a trusted companion within Egyptian families, this sub-brand couldn’t stray too far away from the mother brand’s main essence, yet had to be differentiated enough to stand on its own as a strong sub-brand. We started by positioning and naming the brand, highlighting the uniqueness and richness of the newly launched product. By modernizing the brand essence, thereby adding some excitement in terms of color, typography and rich product shots, to a classical product, we aimed to create a brand that adds something new to the Egyptian family’s table.

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