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Office Dilemma

Ordering food has almost become a daily ritual in the office, that still does not get easier. It is a complex procedure that is time-consuming and stressful, and the victim is the person placing the order. Since no one wants to be the person placing the order, a food ordering website is aiming to turn this tedious routine into a smooth and hassle-free consumer experience, where it’s only one stop to place several orders from various restaurants, all at once. We were approached in order to create a brand identity for the service that will save the day for countless consumers.

Food Ordering 2.0

Our main challenge was to create a relevant and uniquely differentiated brand identity, one that makes the brand idea come to life in a way that is engaging, while clearly communicates the brand’s objective. The main platform for this brand is their website, which we believed had to be very user-friendly and interactive in order to properly convey the purpose of the service, along with a brand identity that is approachable and inviting. As for the name, which literally translates into “several orders”, we opted for a very direct approach, straight to the core of the brand, yet adding a cultural twist that helps it stand out and become memorable.

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Koki Secrets

A New Family Addition

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Wadi Degla Clubs

The Gazelle On The Move

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One For the Kids

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