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ADSUM is a homegrown Middle-Eastern art consultancy firm that focuses on the region’s wealth of contemporary art by specializing in helping clients purchase their favorite local pieces, thereby exporting Middle-Eastern taste to the world. We were approached by ADSUM in order to create a unique identity that is flexible enough to withstand the wide variety of artistic tastes presented, while being artistic enough to reflect our client’s personal passion for art.

ADSUM Crystalized

We had to tread the fine line of communicating art, without falling into the trap of coming across as an art gallery. As such, the brand identity borrowed attributes from the nature of the brand, and how it behaves, as opposed to what it showcases. The identity, therefore, is a visual representation of what it means to appreciate art, as it is, in the present moment, which is also communicated through the brand name, meaning: being present in the here and now. With crystals being seen as the representation of the present moment, and also for its aesthetically pleasing effect, rich crystal patterns were created to complement ADSUM’s artistic personality.

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