From Digital Language, To Visual Language

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Success Calls for Change

Sumerge Software Solutions, an Egyptian company founded in 2005, specializes in developing, customizing and integrating innovative software solutions and services for large enterprises. Mainly focusing on specialized sectors like Banking, Telecommunications and the Government, they have worked with a wide range of big clients, including the Egyptian Presidency. After 10 years in the Egyptian Market, their growth had led them to expand into international markets, hence requiring a strong identity that reflects their success and innovation through a strong visual language, on global scale.

Computing 101: Tensegrity

The main challenge was to re-introduce submerge as an already established and renowned brand that is now entering the international field, after its huge local success. In order to do that, we opted for an identity that clearly communicated what the brand does, as well as its strengths and values. With a brand that relies heavily on computing, we borrowed cues from their digital language, and incorporated it into their visual identity, along with a strong word mark that respresents their strength in the field. The functionality and flexibility of the visual element used (namely: tensegrity) allowed for its visual translation across all touch points and communications, along with colors that are powerful and bold, showing pride in their progress and continued success.

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