No Rest for the Traveler

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With a passion for traveling, and wanting to give everyone with the same passion the chance to explore what the world has to offer, we were approached to work on the identity of a newly set-up travel agency and blog. The internet is their main platform, and through this platform, they want to share offers and deals that would allow anyone to make the trip of their dreams.

Simple Pleasures

The identity we worked on had to reflect the essence and character of our target audience; those who strive on the idea of simplicity, and focus more on the quality of the experience they get out of each trip. As such, we fashioned an identity that is simple, yet intriguing and engaging – allowing travelers all over the world to connect and share their experience, without having to worry about the hassle of travel procedures, all through a simple and clean interface.

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The Basement Records

A World for the True Music Junkies

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The Four Fat Ladies

Bringing the Products to Life, Literally


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7 Sports Management

Sevenfold Strength in the Sports Field

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