Wadi Degla Holding

Empowering the Gazelle

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A New Vision

Wadi Degla Holding, a fast growing entity creating a bouquet of multifaceted operations, has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Its projects encompass everything from sports facilities, telecommunications, and real estate developments, to industrial and media projects. With their aggressive expansion into new market segments, as well as tapping into new geographic territories, a revamp of their entire portfolio was in order, one that reflects their new vision, and their tactful business strategies.

A New Stance

Their steady growth had to be supported not only by a powerful brand identity, but, after much research, an established brand architecture as well, one that has a consistent personality across all their developments. The first step was defining their persona through their main identity, which is why the company’s logo was revamped, replaced by a more modern-looking gazelle with a proud stance that reflects confidence and power. The gazelle’s persona was then matched with a bold and confident typeface, accompanied by the colors: navy blue for reliability, and gold for superiority. By having these attributes trickle down into their sub-brand identities, bold and vibrant colors were used, reflecting the vigor, dynamism and fast-paced growth of those individual entities.

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Koki Secrets

A New Family Addition

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Wadi Degla Clubs

The Gazelle On The Move

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One For the Kids

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