Tom & Jerry

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Childhood Memories

We were approached by F&B giant, Americana, to work on their new range of baked goods. By leveraging on the Warner Bros “Tom and Jerry” license, Americana’s objective with this launch was to capture their core target: kids and their mothers, in a dynamic and engaging manner, playing on everyone’s favorite cartoon characters. On a wider scale, this product launch aims to energize the Americana brand in the GCC area.

Re-living Their Story

Our main challenge with this product was to use the Tom and Jerry license in a way that is original, rather than falling into the trap of just using the characters, as they are, onto the packs. Even with characters whose mere presence is relatable to everyone who sees it, we wanted to take it a step further by allowing your imagination to flow freely when seeing the pack. As such, we opted for a design that’s expressive of Tom and Jerry’s lighthearted and dynamic spirit of mischief, by allowing them to interact on the pack, engaging the consumers in their story.

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One For the Kids

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Kaza Order

Countless Orders, One Click

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Birell Turbo

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