Nestle Mega Extras

Same, But Extra Indulgent


Maximum Indulgence,

With their classic brand being the number 1 best selling ice-cream for the past 12 years, Nestlé’s Mega team wanted to introduce an equally premium sub-brand that takes indulgence to another level with their unique mix of mouth-watering flavors. Although the new sub-brand had to be clearly differentiated form their classic range, the packaging had to stay true to the Mega Classic guidelines, and not stray too far away from the original Mega packs.

And Then Some.

With this challenge in mind, we worked on the design with the objective of introducing subtle cues that augmented the associations of being a premium and rich brand, yet allowing the sub-brand to boldly stand out amidst the cluttered ice-cream freezer. The packs stayed true to Mega’s brand personality, but in a way that is bolder, unapologetic, and clearly delivering on the promise of ultimate indulgence.

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