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From One Extreme,

Our long-time client, Nestlé, thought it was time for a complete revamp of its ice-cream Extreme range. We were approached in order to work on an identity that is unique to each brand, yet shows consistency across the entire range. Nestlé also wanted each of their ice-cream packages to stand out, yet complement one another when placed side by side in the freezer.

To the Other.

Our primary challenge was creating a package that fits into the brand’s international ice-cream portfolio, while boosting awareness among target consumers in the local market. With an outdated pack design that no longer communicated the ice-cream’s quality and premium positioning, Extreme was unfamiliar to the majority of the target consumer, despite its high equity among those who knew it. To get Extreme to address a wider consumer base, we fashioned an identity that looks refreshing and appetizing, while retaining its richness and originally superior positioning.

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