Mountain Dew

Oman's 43rd National Day Celebration


A Special Can for a Special Occasion

We won the pitch to work on the special edition can that will be released in honour of Oman’s 43rd National Day. Mountain Dew, a brand by PepsiCo, and Oman’s number one drink, is characterised by its bold attitude, its daring persona, and its passion for adrenaline-inducing sports and activities. With a character as rich as this one, we set to work in order to capitalise on this persona, emphasising its essence as it celebrates this special day.

One Can, One Strong Message

We started by knowing everything we can about Oman, learning everything about its history, culture and traditions, and how we can incorporate all these rich elements on a contemporary and young Mountain Dew Can. Mountain Dew’s colours and strong visual language were maintained throughout our process. However, we used the brand’s own-able cues in order to relate the brand with the occasion, finding traditional items from Oman’s rich culture, and translating them in a way that fits our brand’s identity. The result being a modernised interpretation of traditions, showing that our culture is deeply-rooted within us, as Omani people, and that we still take pride in our prevalent traditions and how far they’ve taken us. Hence, the accompanying slogan that was also added for the occasion. In the end, Mountain Dew has definitely channeled its inner sense of pride by staying true to its character as it joins the celebration with its people.

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