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Our second chance for a 1st impression.

We were approached to work on the re-branding of a commercial cake brand, produced by one of Egypt's leading local brands. While the mother company has proved its success in every other category, this particular brand had failed to gain equity with its target, and thus wanted to be re-introduced in a way that is new, fresh, young and relevant. The first challenge faced was the fact that we were reviving an existing brand, with an image that wasn’t serving it very well. We wanted to modernize and uplift the brand’s image, and make it more relevant to the modern consumer, thereby attracting a new consumer base, and allowing it to engage with its target audience.

Welcoming the Pokitos!

Pokito, the already existing brand name, means little, and cute! This has inspired us to utilise the universal language of modern cuteness, and engage our consumer on the packaging. The end result has elevated the experience from just a pack, to real engaging characters. In order to penetrate the already saturated market, we relied in our initial phase on extensive research regarding the category. We focused our research towards appealing and mouth-watering product shots, highlighting the richness of the flavour as well as the product quality. Our goal was to bring this brand, and these characters, to life in a way that speaks to everyone, allowing our consumers to join in on all the fun.

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Pepsico's Karate

Kicking its Way Back In


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Owning the Comfort Food Category

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Koki Secrets

A New Family Addition

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