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The Imtenan Case Study

Imtenan started as a premium quality bee-honey brand that soon became the market leader. It then introduced the health shop concept in Egypt, becoming a pioneer and the largest local specialty retailer of nutritional and healthy products. Imtenan allows you to invest in a healthy lifestyle by uncovering nature’s power, and by being committed to providing you with the best quality products nature has to offer.

Despite its growing success locally, regionally and internationally, Imtenan did not have a clear positioning. Their identity borrowed visual cues from the pharmaceutical industry, which lead to the misleading of consumers, as the brand looked like prescription medicine. With two different logos, no clear platform and a huge fragmented range, the brand needed a revamp that reflected its new aggressive strategy, and did justice to the superb quality it offers to its consumers.

A Lifestyle Change

As advocates of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, our message had to be approachable to engage the lifestyle consumer, yet elaborate enough to inform the savvy audience. One of the main challenges was creating a grid that will allow clear communication of all legal and technical information in a simple and friendly manner, while staying consistent across a wide range of products with various sizes and dimensions. To mirror Imtenan’s perfect harmony between science and nature, we used botanical illustrations to depict the ingredients, and portray the richness of the products. We carefully picked our visual cues to bring our brand strategy to life. With these changes, Imtenan managed to transform its brand experience from merely buying necessary products, to a full-fledged lifestyle shopping experience.

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