The Meatery

Non-traditional Meat Branding

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Meat Branding

A well-schooled 4th generation of farmers, breeders and farm owners were looking to create a brand for a high-end butchery, capitalizing on their breeding expertise, as well as their high standards of cattle raising. Penetrating the market, and being able to gain shares from traditional butchers and competing retailers, required a strong identity that promises trustworthy products of exceptional quality.

The New Classical

Traditional butcher shops’ lack of branding provided an opportunity for us to freely explore the classical direction. The developed identity clearly communicates heritage, quality and prominence, in a manner that is classical, yet not outdated. In order to take this brand a step further in the right direction, the identity entailed a color-coding system featured on the package, which facilitates navigation through the different offerings, as well as allowing the brand to educate consumers about the various meat cuts.

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Regaining its Territory

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Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

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Fly High, Aim Higher

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