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The World as It Should Be

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Sustainability Meets Creativity

Realco is a dedicated single origin food supplier based in the U.S., offering high quality produce that can be traced back to their original farms with a strict ethical code and framework. Their mission is to enhance the life of the farming communities by ensuring fair and transparent trade and long-term sustainability. As such, they needed a creative identity that would clearly communicate their values, as well as being distinguished from the rest of the products on the shelf.

“The World as It Should Be”

Each product of the Realco range has an inspiring story, one that comes from diverse parts of the world, with an interesting and original background. Our main challenge was to bring this story to life and excite people about the brand’s cause. With each story being based in a different country, we started contacting talented local artists from the farming communities of each country to illustrate postcards depicting the local farming process. Those postcards, or little art pieces, became authentic depictions of the great tradition of farming, reminding us of “the world as it should be”. It also allowed consumers to trace each product to its origin in an engaging, informative and unique way.

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