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Gypsum Gallery is a contemporary art gallery established in Cairo in late 2013. The gallery is committed to presenting an international, cross-disciplinary program of solo and occasional group exhibitions, limited artist editions and is in the process of launching a publishing arm of its own. We were approached in order to create a brand identity for this platform, one that can clearly communicate unparalleled passion for art.

A Shared Belief in Quality

In a field that is based on art and creativity, we rose up to the challenge by creating an equally innovative brand that acts as the mold through which all art forms emerge. This is communicated through the name, Gypsum, which reflects the idea that the material is affordable yet can be shaped into anything, showing that the content is what truly counts rather than the initial value. As for the identity, we opted for an identity that is contemporary, dynamic and engaging – which constitute the values that form a distinguished contemporary art gallery.

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The Meatery

Non-traditional Meat Branding

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The Center of Attention

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The Real Co.

The World as It Should Be

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