Maybe Two

Guilty Pleasures

Naming - Packaging - Identity

Just one?

With frozen yogurt being the healthy option to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, it was only fitting for a local brand to want to introduce this concept to the Egyptian market, even though international brands were on the verge of making their entry. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that is strong enough to keep picking up momentum, regardless of the fierce international competition.

It’s Ok to Give in

The result was the creation of a brand that educates the consumer of the brand’s main proposition, where it’s a light and delicious guilt-free treat. The name itself expresses the idea of guilt-free, since you have the luxury to indulge in more than one, and it’s tasty enough for you to want more than one. Regarding the identity, we worked on one that is light-hearted and fun, yet is solid enough to compete against established international brands. From the name to the identity, logo and colors, everything screams low fat and appetizing taste.

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Kaza Order

Countless Orders, One Click

Brand Strategy - Identity - UI/UXD - Brand Manual

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Birell Turbo

Natural Power


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Communicating Art, with Art

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